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KunstKartel is an online art gallery specialized in wall decoration for a modern interior. With a focus on details and materials, we create paintings and ornaments that distinguish themselves and provide the luxury in your interior. With us you buy a work of art that is challenging and inspiring and provides luxury in your interior. Our range includes; plexiglass art and paintings on canvas.

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Make a statement with Art

Ready for a new look at home? Decoration, you can't have enough of it. Our Plexiglas paintings certainly add spice to your interior! Our art on glass is the perfect combination between design and decoration. They give luxury but also exclusivity, the perfect statement for that bare and boring wall! Thanks to the bold designs and the bright color variations, they combine perfectly with our art on canvas. They are particularly stylish and give a real finishing touch to your interior.

Art on Plexiglas

Kunstkartel is a specialist in printing plexiglass art in a beautiful photographic resolution. art on plexiglass provides a luxurious and chic look. We only supply material of the highest quality for our paintings and photographic art, so that our works of art can shine in your interior.

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STILL MUST - 160x120

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Cheesy - 120x120

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Paris - 180x120

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Lobster gold - 180x120

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Lobster Color - 150x100

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FLOWER BOMB - 180x120

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ARA - 80x120

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Kunstkartel offers a wide range of art paintings on plexiglass.

The collection is in line with the latest trends in interior design and design and has an excellent price-quality ratio. With an extensive selection of mainly black and white paintings, portrait paintings, nature paintings, colorful paintings, modern paintings, abstract paintings on plexiglass, we bring the wow effect to your interior.

Your taste is central to us

Let your personality speak in your interior with a painting on plexiglass that suits you. Our collection is widely accessible due to the choice of different atmospheres in art on plexiglass and canvas paintings in frame. Are you looking for inspiration for an acrylic glass painting or canvas for your interior? Are you looking for black and white paintings, portrait paintings, nature paintings, colorful paintings, modern paintings, abstract paintings on plexiglass, or are you looking for a beautiful colorful painting of nature, an animal or something abstract? The KunstKartel range offers art options for every type of interior.

Are you unsure what suits you? Let yourself be advised.

Our art advisors are ready to give you advice and are happy to look with you to see which glass painting you can use to complete your interior. We offer colorful paintings and luxurious paintings for every type of interior or space. The different choices in material ensure that we can offer a suitable painting on plexiglass for every budget and for every circumstance. We work with renowned photographers from all over the world and thus offer you a bit of exclusivity. Are you sure that you will not also encounter the work you have chosen with three people in your street? Then choose a work from one of our exclusive collections with a limited edition. This collection has been carefully put together by our design team and is therefore unique. In addition to the exclusive collections, we also offer black and white paintings, portrait paintings, nature paintings, colorful paintings, modern paintings, animal paintings and abstract paintings on plexiglass. The plexiglass finish brings luxury to your home. KunstKartel offers you art paintings on plexiglass with gallery quality. We ensure safe shipping and offer you a 14-day trial. Does it not quite fit into your interior? Then you return the work to us.

Beautiful wall decoration for the entire house.

At KunstKartel you can buy the most beautiful wall decoration for your home online. Our wall decoration is modern and unique and therefore fits perfectly with every taste and every interior style. Whether you are looking for wall decoration for the bedroom, bathroom or kitchen, at KunstKartel you will find the most beautiful wall decoration for the entire house. For example, choose from modern paintings, abstract paintings, women's paintings, and many other plexiglass paintings or canvases!

Create beautiful wall decorations with our framed canvas paintings.

By framing the canvas paintings in one of our different and matching photo frames, you can transform your canvas painting into a special wall decoration. When you combine different canvases with each other, you create a special and unique gallery wall. Our Framed Canvases are available in different sizes and designs. There are Japanese style and floral canvases that you can frame in our many types of photo frames, including black frames, white frames and wood frames. Our canvas frames come in many different colors and materials, such as black and white and oak. At Kunstkartel you will find the most beautiful framed canvases of the highest quality for a small price! Our canvases provide the finishing touch to your interior.

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