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8 reasons to buy art

Those walls are empty and they're coming at you. Your walls are expressionless and don't give you that open 'homely' feeling you were going for. Everything is neutral: your sofa, your rugs and the color on your wall. Your house doesn't show who you are, but it's your house, right? You need to buy some art!

We give you 8 reasons why buying an original work of art is something you should do. Well today, but really immediately.

1. Owning original works of art has a positive effect on people's environment, which inevitably makes life enriching. Happy walls make happy people. Even if your art choices are on the "dark side", the visual enjoyment of it will make you happy and ultimately enrich your life.

2. Owning original artwork is more than just decoration; it inspires us to look at the world in a different way. We always emphasize that nothing matches in the house or worry about the decoration. Just buy what you like and it will inspire and ensure that your decor is a reflection of your personality.

3. Buying art directly supports artists so they can continue their creative process, which in turn continues to improve the quality of life for all of us. Let's face it, an "artless" world is not where I would want to live. Therefore, support the creative minds of society and make the world a bit more beautiful.

4. Art is an environmentally friendly form of fun. It is easy to maintain and energy efficient. Okay that sounds pretty crazy, but it's true. Think of everything you can do for daily enjoyment and then think about how it affects the environment. When you look at wall art, you don't cause CO2 emissions!

5. Your art choices and building your own art collection is a means of personal expression and reflects your individual personality. Some people express themselves through what they wear or what they say, while others collect interesting things that tell just as much about their character. Have fun with it. Nobody judges it.

6. Buy art prints because they are so unique. Owning something that is all yours and that really shows who you are is, of course, great. While some people only want what others have, it is always more interesting to have what others don't have.

7. When you think about it, art in your home or office can really humanize the space you work or live in. Art gives it character and warmth and transforms every room into a livable environment.

8. Art can inspire both adults and children to think, prompting the viewer to think and learn about the subject. It can spark a valuable dialogue between everyone who enjoys it.

All of the above should give you some reason to think about introducing original art into your life. Be sure to explore the art world this year if you haven't started yet, because no matter how you look at it, art is good for you!

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