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An art photo on acrylic glass

High end Plexiglas

Kunstkartel is a specialist in printing photo art on plexiglass in a beautiful photographic resolution. That is why we offer all our own collections with plexiglass as material. art photos on plexiglass stand for luxury and are perfect for a sleek interior. photographic art on plexiglass enhances the special quality of the photo print. An acrylic glass photo is exactly what your interior needs as a finishing touch.

photo art on plexiglass is one of the most chosen products when it comes to luxury photo art. With an acrylic glass photo you are guaranteed sharp colors and striking details. Sharp contours and motifs with a great depth effect come into their own on this material. An art photo on plexiglass gives your interior a luxurious look and provides an eye-catcher on the wall. We guarantee beautiful contrasts, intense colors and fine details of high quality.


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