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Catering Decoration

Catering decoration

Looking for photo paintings for your business? We have different collections that will fit perfectly.

Why photo paintings are a must in your business? As hospitality designer Rein Rambaldo argued before, art is going to play an increasingly important role in the hospitality industry.

The effect of art:

  • Art provides a personal story
  • A reflection of the entrepreneur's taste
  • The dot on the i
  • It gives extra flair

'The experience of the plate is also drawn to the walls,' says Servaus Tielman, owner and chef at star restaurant Cucina del Mondo.

With art on the walls you create restaurants within a restaurant.  With art on the wall you try to evoke emotion in the guests.

From a luxurious look to paintings with a real holiday feeling.

Art actually fits into any type of restaurant, or  you now have a very modern business. Or a romantic Italian.

What you must ask. Does it add value? Is there space, are there boring places, this painting can be a nice filler.

Depending on where you are looking, we have different photo art from modern photo art, black and white photos on plexiglass,  or a real color bomb with a retro look.

Do you find it very difficult to pick out the perfect pieces, we have a team of stylists who would love to visit you to view your business.

You can email us to schedule an appointment. Or you send us a number of photos and we will make a tailor-made proposal.

Mail this to: and we will contact you soon!

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