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Welcome to KunstKartel
Kunstkartel is a Dutch family business founded in 2018. By the sisters Kim & Kelly.
We are a producing wholesaler of art on plexiglass for the business and private market.

We come from an enterprising family and from a shared passion for interior design, we started KunstKartel. An eye for beautiful images is in our DNA and we would like to share this with you. KunstKartel arose from our desire to collect the best art in one place and make it accessible to everyone. KunstKartel offers a wide range of art on plexiglass. In recent years we have collected extraordinary collections of art photography and art prints on Collections with animals, abstract art, black and white photography, cities or the most beautiful images of nature.
Many prints come from our own hand and the collection is in line with the latest trends in interior design and design. In addition, KunstKartel has an excellent price-quality ratio. With an extensive selection of black and white art on plexiglass, we bring the wow effect to your interior.

We hope you find what you are looking for and that we can make your home even more beautiful!
Give your home a boost with art that brings your walls back to life.

Love Kim & Kelly

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