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Art is the perfect Christmas present

Art is the perfect gift for Christmas

Are you still looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your partner, family, friends or business associates? Give the most beautiful and personal gift you can give: art. Yes, art is certainly a very personal gift, after all, everyone has their own taste and style. That is why there are so many different types of artwork. At Kunstkartel you will find the perfect work of art for everyone, whether it is intended for family, friends or business associates. Do you still find it difficult to determine which painting or acrylic glass artwork would be suitable? Then give a discount voucher for a work of art from Kunstkartel as a gift!

Art Gift Voucher Christmas

Different types of artwork on plexiglass

We are specialists in printing plexiglass art in a beautiful photographic resolution. That is why we offer all our products with plexiglass as a material. This gives paintings and photos an extra chic and luxurious look. A perfect finishing touch for any kind of interior. A wonderful gesture as a Christmas gift to friends and family and a chic and professional promotional gift for business partners. Whatever type of painting you are looking for, you will certainly find what you are looking for in our extensive range. From enormously colorful paintings with animals and flowers to black and white paintings with portraits of women. Are you looking for paintings by a specific artist? In our range you will find paintings by painters such as Abraham Mignon, Rembrandt van Rijn, Willem van Aelst and George Hendrik Breitner.

Photo art on plexiglass as a promotional gift

In addition to luxurious paintings on plexiglass, you will also find chic photo art on plexiglass, perfect as a promotional gift or as a Christmas gift for a special person. Just like our paintings, our photo art comes in all kinds of styles and with all kinds of subjects. Photos of beautiful animals, from lions and tigers to fish and butterflies, with the most beautiful colors and the most luxurious finish. For true nature lovers, we have photos of the most beautiful landscapes and impressive views of nature. From waterfalls and deep lakes to vast forests and high, snowy mountains. Would you rather give a portrait as a gift? Then there is certainly a gem for you. Our range contains a lot of different types of portraits, from colorful to black and white and from erotic to artistic. 

Black Friday offers at Kunstkartel

If you would like to give a chic piece of art as a gift for Christmas, now is the time to buy it. Kunstkartel also participates in Black Friday. In our super sale you will find beautiful paintings and photography on plexiglass for a competitive price. The discounts run up to a hundred euros and apply to a large part of our range. We are happy to help you find the perfect work of art as a gift or promotional gift. We started our company with the mission to make art accessible to everyone. That is why we want to help every customer with a work of art that really touches him or her. That is ultimately the purpose of art, it touches you and it creates a real wow effect. The ideal addition to a home to really make it your home, with your completely unique style.

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