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Tips when choosing a work of art

Art is very subjective, because everyone has their own style and likes different things. That's a good thing, because otherwise there wouldn't be so many beautiful works of art in the world. However, it sometimes makes it difficult to choose the artwork that best suits you and your home. That is why we would like to give you a number of tips for finding and choosing your ideal work of art!

The shape of the artwork

First, of course, you pay attention to the shape of the artwork you are going to choose. Whether it is a painting, a photo, or something completely different, the shape must match your interior. You often encounter a square shape in small paintings, because this is a practical shape for art in a smaller format. Round works of art can be very useful to hang in a place that is more difficult to decorate, where a standard painting just falls short. Rectangular, horizontal paintings are a good choice to hang above the sofa or bed. Rectangular, vertical artwork is ideal for hanging next to a door or hallway. Each shape has its own function and places in the house where you can best use them. The dimensions of a work of art also have an influence on this, of course. 


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The material from which the artwork is made 

This is something that many people do not consciously look at when looking for a work of art, but it is important. The material from which a work of art is made can provide contrast in your interior or accentuate other parts of the interior. So pay attention to this when choosing your artwork. For example, paintings on plexiglass give more intense colors and more details than other materials. Photography art is very versatile and actually goes with everything, but can still make a good impact if they are placed well. 

The subject you want for your artwork 

What do you want your artwork to portray? This is a very important question to ask yourself, because of course you want to choose a work of art that touches you. If a work of art has no personal value to you, you will get tired of it faster. Landscapes or portraits actually suit almost every interior style. Still lifes fit best in a traditional interior. Abstract paintings , on the other hand, fit perfectly with a modern interior. If you go for a country style or a bohemian style in your home, it is appropriate to hang a painting with animals or plants. With an industrial style, it is better to go for a painting with architecture or cities. If you are going for a retro style at home, then a piece of art with a vintage theme is the best choice. 


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Choosing the perfect artwork

Nothing is as personal as art. Yet choosing the perfect artwork for your interior can be quite a challenge. Do you like photography? Abstract art? Black & white or color? Can it be a touch humorous? A touch cheeky? We are happy to think along with you and help you choose your ideal work of art.

These are the most important things to look for when choosing a piece of art for your home or office. Are you still in doubt or not sure what would fit best in your interior? We are happy to provide you with advice to find the ideal work of art for you!

Start the decision aid and discover your perfect match.

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