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Photography art in the theme of nature and animals

Are you a nature lover and looking for a suitable work of art to decorate your home or office building? Then Kunstkartel is the right place for you. We are specialists in printing plexiglass art and luxury photography art on plexiglass and are happy to advise you which style, sizes, colors and shapes are suitable for your interior and which match your personal preferences. Our entire collection of plexiglass art can be viewed on the website and for questions or advice you can contact us without obligation!

Plexiglass art from online art gallery Kunstcartel

Our art photos on plexiglass are of extremely high quality, with a focus on details and materials, which distinguishes our art on plexiglass from other plexiglass art. Our photography art in the theme of nature and animals are challenging and inspiring and provide a luxurious touch to your interior. Our collection is printed on a 5mm high-quality plexiglass, also called glass painting. The plexiglass provides deep, intense colors that provide an elegant and atmospheric appearance. The entire collection of nature and animal photography can be viewed on our website.

Why plexiglass art?

Our entire collection of paintings and photo art is printed on plexiglass. We have deliberately chosen this, because the material has many advantages. Plexiglass is a lot lighter and stronger than normal glass, which makes the Plexiglass art easier to move and better protected against damage. Art on acrylic glass is perfect for a modern interior due to the sleek appearance that the material produces, but it is also a chic addition to other types of interiors. Plexiglass is a lot clearer than normal glass, which gives it a luxurious appearance and ensures that the incidence of light cannot reduce the visibility of the photo or painting.

Easy to mount on the wall

Our plexiglass art is easy to attach to the wall, even for less experienced do-it-yourselfers. You can fix it to a strong wall with a strong plug and screw with a drill. For smaller paintings, 1 screw is sufficient, but for larger paintings, from size 100x150, we recommend using two plugs and two screws. Once the photo or painting is hanging, the suspension system is virtually invisible, making the artwork seem to float in front of the wall, which provides an extra graceful appearance.

Plexiglass art that fits perfectly with your interior

Every interior is unique because everyone has his or her own personal style. That is precisely what makes the art world so beautiful and diverse. Our plexiglass art is available in a wide spectrum of colours, subjects, shapes and sizes, so that we can offer the perfect work of art for every living room and every office. Would you like help choosing the ideal work of art? Please feel free to contact us for advice without obligation!

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