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Our classic paintings plexiglass

Paintings in classic style are back in fashion, especially the paintings on plexiglass. Plexiglass is a perfect material for frames of paintings and photographs. It is a lot stronger than glass and protects the photo or painting better. In addition, it is also a lot lighter and easier to process than glass. Sustainability is of course very important these days and plexiglass scores better than normal glass on that too. It stays bright longer and lasts longer.

Chic classical paintings

Classical paintings give a home or space a chic touch. In the category of classic paintings, photo art is now the most popular for the home or office. Luxury photo art is a real eye-catcher for your wall, which immediately gives the room a luxurious look. Kunstkartel mainly offers photo art on plexiglass, as this material does the best justice to the photos. We are specialists in printing plexiglass art in a beautiful photographic resolution. So look no further for luxury photo art on plexiglass of the highest quality! 

Luxurious photo art plexiglass in all kinds of categories 

Our luxury classic paintings come in many different categories. Paintings with a lot or little color, paintings with landscapes, animals or people or abstract images. One painting fits better in a home and the other better in an office or a public building. In the office it is often more pleasant to have art that radiates tranquility, while photo art in a home can be a bit busier or more colorful. The use of plexiglass ensures that the photos always fit into a modern, sleek interior, but depending on the subject we have suitable paintings and photo art for every type of interior. 

Art cartel styles

Everyone has his or her own style, that's what makes our world so beautiful and colorful. That is why we ensure that our collection always contains a whole spectrum of styles, for different types of people and interiors. Think of styles of various well-known painters, such as Rembrandt van Rijn and Abraham Mignon. But also other styles that are more related to the subject of the painting, such as museum, women, abstract and black and white. 

The advantages of our plexiglass paintings

Our collection of classic paintings on plexiglass is the best choice if you are looking for high quality luxury art. The prints are 100% full color, which ensures the best quality and impressive, deep colors. In addition, all photos and paintings are easy to hang with a plug and a screw and the hanging system is no longer visible once the artwork is on the wall. The plexiglass painting seems to almost float. 

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