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Doing business with family is special, you feel unconditional support.
You celebrate success together and during the lesser moments there is always someone who gives you the extra motivation to keep going. Whether you tell the truth and can hold up the well-known mirror to you.​
We are sisters Kim & Kelly Koenen. Not twins, but sometimes it feels that way because we complement each other perfectly.
KunstKartel was created in 2018 from our desire to collect the best art in one place and make it accessible to everyone. In addition, our dream has come true to run a creative company together as sisters.​
We knew that art is a 'far from your bed' show for many people, and going to a gallery is often a threshold. Let alone how difficult it can be to find something beautiful that completes your interior and creates a real wow effect.​
That is why we have opted for accessible designs for a good price with a wide range of art on plexiglass.​
Many prints come from our own hand and the collection is in line with the latest trends. In addition, we have an excellent price-quality ratio.​
Our plan is to make more beautiful collections that touch you.
We regularly receive messages with photos from our customers, because they are so happy with their print and thank us for the good service.​
That's what we do it for, the smile on someone's face also makes us happy. This is exactly what art does to people, it touches you and creates more character in your home.​​
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